About LearntIn

LearntIn is a global professional training, certification’s training & consulting services company. We collaborate with companies & working professionals to cater to their business and individual learning & development needs. LeanrntIn is the brainchild of industry professionals who saw the dearth of a proper training institute with trainers from the industry itself. Our team understood that in addition to the conceptual or theoretical knowledge provided by traditional institutes the industry required a practical flavor making participants ready for the industry.

LearntIn training team consists of a highly qualified group of professionals in Business Analysis, Project Management, Program Management, Product Management, Business Process Management, Agile Management, Application Lifecycle Management and Solution Design with a wealth of experience in various business domains both in Sri Lanka and abroad. The trainers include industry professionals from Sri Lanka and from abroad with links to high ranking executives from multi-national companies, universities and training institutes.

We specialize in,

  • Understanding the training needs of professionals in the IT industry on Business Analysis, Business Consulting, Project / Program Management, Business Process Management and Agile Delivery Management
  • Analyzing the training requirements as per the information gathered
  • Proposing specialized training to meet the demands of the stakeholders
  • Devise classroom as well as hands-on trainings customized to meet the training needs
  • Facilitate and deliver training sessions including trainings targeting professional certifications.

We manage training in focused areas of the IT industry. All our trainers are well qualified , trained & experienced to address your companies’ or your personal learning needs.

Trainings provided by LearntIn are in areas as listed below:

  • Business Analysis
  • Agile Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Product Management
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Business & Technology Consulting
  • Project & Program Management
  • Technology Products Consulting
    • Jira/Confluence,
    • Application Lifecycle Management
    • Requirements Engineering & Management
    • Project Portfolio Management

The training provided by LearntIn also focuses on professional certifications in each of the knowledge areas mentioned above. These certification training programs are targeted specifically at providing participants the,

  • Requisite knowledge and skills to learn the concepts discussed
  • Gain knowledge about the tools and techniques
  • Obtain the requisite skills required
  • Gain the competencies specifically required by an professional in the industry
  • Have the required knowledge to attempt and pass the certification exam

Continuous training and collaborations helps people and organisations stay at its highest value and be ahead of  competition. Our training being prepared and delivered by professionals for professionals with highly qualified and expert trainers help us deliver high quality optimal learning and development using a very practical approach. The executive leadership team and founders of LearntIn are passionate young professional entrepreneurs, who were motivated by the need to fill a niche in the IT and software services training industry.