Fundamentals of Agile Management

The software industry is constantly evolving with client organizations demanding ever so faster times in delivering solutions to cater to their needs. Thus more and more organizations are moving from practicing traditional software development practices into delivering projects in Agile mode. This Beginners course in Agile Management is devised to cater to the ever increasing demand from the industry for Junior Project Managers or Fresh Graduates to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills pertaining to working and delivering projects in an Agile environment. The course is designed to train the participants on Agile Basics and make them ready to take up a role in an Agile development team.

Method of delivery

The 2 day programme is formulated in such a manner so that by the end of the sessions the participant will be equipped with the requisite knowledge, skills and techniques to play a play a Scrum Master, Product Owner or Delivery Team member role in an Agile Project. The session would consist of classroom lecture sessions and discussions, collaborative games and exercises, debates and hands-on sessions on the key techniques and concepts to be mastered by a Junior Agile Delivery Manager, Project Coordinator or Team Member.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Agile Project Management
  • Flavours of Agile
  • Agile Manifesto and Agile Principles
  • Agile Basics
  • Introduction to Scrum
    • Concepts of Sprint, Product Backlog, User Stories, Scrum Roles, Scrum Ceremonies
  • Agile Estimations
  • Introduction to Kanban
  • Introduction to Lean
  • Introduction to XP

Course Outcome

At the end of the session the participant will be provided with a Certificate indicating that he / she is proficient and capable of taking up a role in an Agile project and is capable of meeting the demands of an Agile environment. The certificate and the contact hours is valid and will be a precursor to take professional certifications offered by PMI  and other affiliated universities / Institutes. (Please contact us for more information on affiliated Universities, Courses and Exemptions.)