Business Analysis & Consulting

In todays ever evolving world the Business Domains and Organizations are becoming increasingly complex. With industries and organizations spanning continental boundaries and with the invention and use of advanced technology the need for professional who understand both business and IT is becoming a necessity. In the past the Business Analysis role of an IT project didn’t exist with the development team itself gathering requirements for the solution being implemented.

Organizations ran into many a problem as a result with software solutions being developed not really meeting the purpose for which the project was undertaken. Different verticals of organizations operated in isolation to the IT unit and the real customer requirement was never understood.

With time IT organization’s understood the need for the specialized role of a Business Analyst. A person who could communicate with the Business world and the Technical world alike and exchange information in a common language understandable for both.

Today the Business Analyst roles is of utmost importance for any organization. It is not limited to an IT company and any individual playing some sort of analyst role is a Business Analyst. So, if you are a Market Analyst, Finance Analyst, Risk Analyst, Process Analyst, Quality Analyst, Systems Analyst and even a Software Engineer then you should gain the required knowledge and skills on how to play your role in a better manner.

Business Analysts are expected to conversant in many tools and techniques which would assist them in their day to day work. They must have the necessary knowledge and skills on how they could communicate with different stakeholders, capture and understand the customers needs, determine different ways of representing the information obtained and getting confirmation on the same.

Our Business Analysis courses are structured in such a way to cater to the differing needs of professionals of different stages in their careers and to give the necessary conceptual and practical push to succeed in their work.

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Fundamentals of Business Analysis (BA Fundamentals)

Enterprise Level Business Consulting